Heavy Squats and Hemorrhoids: Relationship

Heavy Squats and Hemorrhoids: Relationship

Hemorrhoids are one of the common health problems in western countries. One of the main reasons responsible for this disease is the high-fat, low-fiber diet which is very common in western countries. Instances of this problem in underdeveloped countries are less. This diet is responsible for constipation and pressure on the aneroctal region. This diet is connected with the occurrence of hemorrhoids. Moreover, other actions like heavy weight lifting results in further pressure in this area and leads to occurrence of hemorrhoids. So, hemorrhoids and weight lifting are closely related.


Hemorrhoids refer to enlarging and protuberance of blood vessels and tissues into the anal canal. This takes place because of the pressure on the vascular system and fragility of anatomic foundation in that region. Hemorrhoids are categorized as internal and external founded on their anatomy

Symptoms Of Hemorrhoids

The main symptom of hemorrhoids is external bleeding from the anus area, protuberance of tissue from the anus and mucus emission from the anus. It may lead to heavy blood loss as some patients bleed profusely when they suffer from hemorrhoids. The bleeding of the anus is seen on the toilet paper following the wiping of the anus. Hemorrhoids are of two types external and internal. Internal hemorrhoids are characteristically not excruciating but external hemorrhoids can give rise to terrible pain.

Dangers Due To Heavy Squats

Hemorrhoids are formed due to constant pressure at stool, constipation, low fiber diet, pregnancy, old age etc. Any action which puts pressure on the aneroctal region may form hemorrhoids or worsen the case of those have already formed hemorrhoids. In such case actions like heavy squats or weightlifting can be cited as an important cause responsible for forming hemorrhoids. The patients of hemorrhoids should always remain vigilant and careful and should avoid weightlifting. Moreover, those who do heavy squats should not put heavy pressure on aneroctal region to avoid formation of hemorrhoids.

Diagnosis and Treatment                                                                           

Hemorrhoids are diagnosed by means of endoscopy, which is precise mental picture of the anus. Internal hemorrhoids are ranked as follows: first-degree internal hemorrhoids bleed but do not prolapsed and are pictured throughout anoscopy; second-degree internal hemorrhoids stick out with the pressuring but go back once pressuring stops; third-degree internal hemorrhoids are persistently prolapsed but effortlessly lessened physically; and fourth-degree internal hemorrhoids cannot be lessened.

Treatments of hemorrhoids include surgical removal, consumption of fluid to avoid constipation, use of painkiller ointments and medicines corticosteroid suppositories to lessen irritation.

If one is suffering with unbearable pains and symptoms of hemorrhoids, he can ease it simply at home. More importantly, one will not have to take assistance from medical remedies as mentioned in MayoClinic.com.  All you need to do is just apply a traditional cream containing hydrocortisone. The same effect can be created by using pads with witch hazel.

Bring a sit bath from market that suits your toilet and then dip your bottom in lukewarm water for ten minutes and do this at least three times in a day. Though maintaining cleanliness is necessary, one should avoid using soaps as it can worsen the situation and evil effects of hemorrhoids. You can even use damp toilet paper for smoothening things.

Heavy squat can lead to hemorrhoid, therefore it is essential to avoid doing so. Just cure it with natural remedies if it really is bothering you.

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