Hemorrhoid Treatment with Aloe Vera

Hemorrhoid Treatment with Aloe Vera

Hemorrhoids are basically swollen blood vessels present all around the anus in human body. One can notice some of the common indications of initial problems like itching, puffing, leakage and constant bleeding during movements. Those who have opted for other treatment methods believe that some of the natural herbs such as aloe are effective remedies for hemorrhoids, but no sufficient research has been done in this regard. It is important for everyone to know more about aloe and its effects before starting the treatment with this herb.


Aloe Vera is basically a part of the lily family and is produced in different parts of the world including India, South Africa and in other parts. This herb gets to maximum of four feet height normally.  Flowers of this plant are normally yellowish with comparatively thick leaves and a natural gel which is a part of numerous skin care products. Aloe leaf juice is extracted from the end of the leaf and it is believed to be an effective refreshment laxative.

What is Hemorrhoid?

According to National Digestive Disease Information Clearinghouse, hemorrhoids affect more than 75% of population. While internal hemorrhoids are present in the inner the anal canal, external hemorrhoids are situated outside. Pressure made during the bowl movements is believed to be the reason of activating strain in veins.

What are the Outcomes of Aloe Consumption?

Aloe gel has natural properties of stimulating the healing process that helps in overcoming irritation and soreness arising because of hemorrhoids.  According to a report presented in Indian Journal of Dermatology, aloe contains bradykinase, which has the ability to cure itching and skin irritation. Even with the report, there is no official study done on this.

Interior Advantage of Aloe

There will be fewer strains if stools are moved comfortably and main reason of hemorrhoids is the pressure during bowl movement. Anthraquinones present in aloe makes it easier by accelerating and stimulating liquid emission from bowel. Intense strain which leads to hemorrhoids is lessened with softening of stool by aloe. According to Phyllis A. Balch, who wrote Prescription for Healing, a half cup of aloe juice thrice everyday can lead to reducing of hemorrhoids. Still there is no sufficient scientific research done over this topic.

Other Health Benefits

It will not cost as much to use aloe as it is usually with other treatments that people in general traditionally go for. Herbs that one can use for hemorrhoids can even be grown in your backyard. Yes you heard right, aloe Vera can be planted in your own garden.  If you are finding it difficult to plant or just do not have aloe, it is available in most chemist stores. But make sure that you purchase the best quality aloe Vera gel with pure extracts from the aloe plant.

Mostly it is soreness, itching and pain in anal area which causes so much trouble to people suffering with hemorrhoids, but it can be cured with the help of aloe Vera. All you need to do is apply some aloe Vera gel on the infected area on a regular basis and see the difference. One must make sure that he./she is using the right products to ensure maximum benefits. Using Aloe Vera for hemorrhoids is also safer than other remedies.

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