Common Hemorrhoids Symptoms

Internal hemroids can cause bleeding when you defecate, as well as at other times. Even though the blood may be bright red in color, you should not automatically assume that you are only dealing with a hemorrhoid. In some cases, colon polyps and cancers can also cause bleeding from the rectum.

In most cases, hemroids are also characterized by an itchy, irritated feeling in the rectal area. They can also produce swelling, and they may cause you to bleed. It is important to realize that piles can exist outside of your rectum, as well as inside. When you have an external hemorrhoid, there is usually a painful lump very close to the rectal opening. Depending on the situation, this lump can become infected, or develop a blood clot.

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What Causes Hemorrhoids?

Typically, hemroids occur when veins in the rectum burst, or they experience an excessive amount of pressure. This can occur if you are constipated and strain too hard to produce a bowel movement. Pregnant women also tend to be at a higher risk of developing piles.

Individuals with liver disease, or any other disorder that increases blood pressure tend to be at a higher risk for developing internal or external hemorrhoids.

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How Can they be Avoided?

Well over half the world population will experience at least one bout of hemorrhoids before they reach age 50. This condition can be avoided when you eat a proper diet. In particular, you should avoid foods that cause diarrhea and constipation.

It will also be to your advantage to ensure that you get enough fiber in your diet. No matter how you look at it, the increased bulking produced by fiber makes it easier for your large intestines to shed feces quickly and efficiently. It is also very important to avoid obesity and lack of exercise. Many people also find that good posture and drinking more water helps them avoid hemroids.

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