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We are here to educate you with all the information necessary to make you an informed consumer. If you are looking for answers to your questions about hemorrhoids, we can help.

The Concept of Self Care

Hemorrhoids  are not a life threatening condition though they are very painful and embarrassing.  Many times it is the person’s life style or other healthcare problems that contribute to them.  The availability of over the counter medications has made treatment so much easier.  For some extreme cases the services of a physician may be necessary, especially if it comes to needing surgical intervention. And we are not trying to replace your physician when it comes to the medical care for your family.  But there are so many people  with limited insurance or who prefer not to go to the doctor for all concerns, that with the proper education your medical needs can be treated in a different fashion.  For the most part following some simple instructions and taking the appropriate formula will eliminate your problem.

Our Site

We have spent considerable time collecting the necessary data and preparing it in such a fashion to make our web site useful for information on hemorrhoids and the treatment of them.  We have consulted with top medical and pharmaceutical experts to bring you the latest in medical research.  Please take the time to read each of the sections and finally consult with the treatment section.